Our Meeting Recorder

Our Meeting Recorder is a free mobile device app developed by RWA with Aviva. The app allows insurance brokers to evidence that client meetings have taken place with an innovative method of data capture.


Our Meeting Recorder allows insurance brokers to:

- Record your client meeting location at the press of a button (time, date and post code)
- Write notes about the meeting
- Confirm you have completed key tasks 
- Record a voice message with details of the meeting 
- Email a copy of the record to your office and also the office of your client (if you choose).

If you want to take some of the pain out of record keeping and ensure your account executives have file records of meetings and important actions then the RWA Our Meeting Recorder app will help.

Remember, if it isn’t written down it didn’t happen. Now you can show it did happen.

This application utilises GPS and Email.


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