Robin Wood


Robin Wood founded RWA in 1991. In 1997 he was joined by Kate Foreman and in 2000 by Ian Ritchie, a team that is still together after 15 years of General Insurance regulation and who still the majority of their time helping insurance brokers and fighting against unprofessional conduct and disregard for good and reasonable standards in the profession. 

Robin is an acknowledged Expert on insurance broker's duties and Conduct Standards and Risk Management and has been an Expert to the courts on a number of reported cases including ​Environcom v Miles Smith, The Café De Lecq case and Eurokey v Giles.

He is co-author of the DRAFT IBSC Handbook CP1050 and is happy to advise anyone who wants to know how to meet good and reasonable standards of conduct and behaviour whether that be a sole trader or a regulator.

Robin has written a number of important guide books on topics such as Training & Competence, The Duty of an Insurance Broker, The Insurance Act and Professional Standards of Insurance Brokers.


A regular speaker at industry conference events and Masterclasses, Robin is an engaging presenter who is known for filling a room and providing a challenging and effective delivery.


He is a Member of the Expert Witnesses Institute.

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Robin still plays a fair game of chess, collects chess sets and enjoys riding "not so fast these days" motor bikes. 

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